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At Aspen Leaf Custom Homes, we want to be certain in our initial meetings that building a custom home in Colorado fits within your expectations for time and budget. Honest and transparent communication from the beginning is key to a successful and enjoyable home building experience.

As a full-service Design + Build firm, we handle all aspects of the design and construction for your dream home. Constructing a custom home consists of two phases: The Design Phase and The Construction Phase. The Design Phase begins with our initial meetings, onsite and in office, and concludes once we have completed civil engineering, mechanical engineering, and have complete sets of architectural and structural drawings. The Design Phase typically takes 3 – 6 months to complete.

Once Design is completed, we can move on to the Construction Phase. This phase begins with acquiring permits and site clearing, and ends with a Certificate of Occupancy and move in! Depending on the site conditions, its parameters, the current timelines for county permitting, size and details of the home, a general estimate for the Construction Phase is roughly 12 months.

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